Top 4 Reasons Your Washer Stops Spinning

Learn about the top reasons that might cause your washing machine to stop spinning in the middle of a cycle.

We all rely on our washing machines a fair bit as part of our daily lives. And while they certainly save us a lot of time and trouble – having a washing machine stop spinning can be a confusing and frustrating experience.

However, thankfully, a stopped cycle doesn’t always spell out doom for your appliance.

So, to help you figure out whether or not to call appliance repair experts in Coquitlam BC – we’re going to take a look at several common, easy-to-fix issues that might result in a sudden halt in your wash-cycle.

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If you're stuck trying to figure out why your washing machine stopped spinning, we can help!

1. The Load Is Too Heavy

When your load of laundry is too packed after it’s soaked it can easily become too heavy to successfully spin. 

A couple of indicators that you’ve thrown your washer off balance are loud noises and shaking, failure to spin, failure to drain, and occasionally the washer might even start moving around during the cycle.

To prevent an unbalanced load, you should make sure that everything in your washing machine is able to fit loosely without bunching it all together. 

Fixing the balance of a load might be as easy as opening the washer and redistributing the items that have clumped, provided you’re able to open it during a cycle.


2. Clogged Drain Trap

Just like any other appliance that drains, your washing machines drain trap can become clogged and your washing machine might be smart enough to try to prevent a watery disaster. 

Fixing this issue is as simple as opening the drain trap and removing any debris, reinstalling everything, and turning your washer back on.


3. “Turn It Off And On Again”

This stereotypical easy fix might be all you need to do to get your washer up and running again. 

While modern washing machines are engineered to be incredibly smart thanks to computerized parts, sometimes, absolutely random faults do happen out the blue.

You can unplug your washer and plug it back in, or on some models, you may even have a restart feature to do the job for you. You should also reset the washer’s internal circuitry by opening and closing the door six times within 12 seconds.

If resetting your washer doesn’t work, it may be a sign of an electrical issue that would require an expert’s involvement to fix.


4. Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failures are difficult to deal with, and often need a professional to make repairs. 

If you can troubleshoot to determine which part is causing the failure, you might be able to trim a few bucks off of getting it repaired. Drive belts, motors, and clutch assemblies are all common culprits in modern washing machines.

Just like a belt in a car, they might end up squealing over time. When you hear this in a washer, it’s like your drive belt. Other loud noises might be caused by a problem with the clutch assembly.

A burning smell or emission of dirt and dust is a clear sign of issues with the clutch assembly. You should shut off your washer immediately if it smells like it might be burning.

When your washer is fully unable to spin, there’s a high chance that the drive motor or its coupling are broken and will need to be replaced.


Closing Thoughts

If you’ve followed us throughout the entirety of today’s article, you should now have a pretty good idea of some of the most common things that can cause your washing machine to stop spinning mid-cycle.

When you’re all out of ideas and can’t seem to get your washer running you should seek a professional washer repair company in Coquitlam BC to remedy any advanced issues that you’re not prepared to handle.




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