Best Tips To Make Sure Your Appliance Lasts Longer

Learn about the best practices that you can apply in your household to make sure that your precious appliance lasts for years on end!

It can be incredibly devastating and make life a hassle if one of your household appliances suddenly stops working. Because machines aren’t built to last nearly as long as they used to be, it’s a good idea to take a few extra steps to extend their lives.

Today, we’re briefly going to run over a few tips to help you keep your appliances running beyond their average lifespans.

best tips to avoid broken appliances
Don't be like this gal! Follow our handy tips to make sure your appliances serve you well for years on end.


You may have found a thorough tutorial that gives you a clear idea of how to install your household appliances, but the best thing is to let a professional do the job. As a result of DIY installation, you might position yourself for catastrophic damage to your house, including water damage and fires, and ultimately your wallet.

Hiring a professional to install or maintain your appliances is a surefire way to keep them properly running while reducing the long-term costs of the damages that may ensue.

Read The Manual

There might be a few things that you need to maintain a household appliance, and if there’s any way to learn what those are, it’s reading the manual. Some laundry machines require high-efficiency detergents to optimize their lives, or the ice cube-maker in your refrigerator might need to be removed and cleaned every few months.

Regardless of which household appliances you own, there may be a few brilliant tips in the instruction manual to keep things running the way they’re meant to run.

Washing Machine Tips

No matter what kind of washing machine you’re using, there are a few things that you can do to keep it in top condition. If you want to avoid having to repair your washing machine, the main thing to do is follow the warnings you’ll find in the instructions. Don’t overload your washing machine, and make sure to use the correct detergent, or you’ll damage disrupt its essential functions.

Washers may also need to be cleaned, some of them include a self-cleaning feature, and others might need to be wiped down with a washcloth around the detergent dispensers and water lines.

You should also make sure to turn your laundry inside out, so that any abrasive metal materials cannot scratch the inside of the machine. Pocket change might even be an issue, so be sure to empty your pockets before each load.

Refrigerator Tips

Refrigerators don’t take a lot of work, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. The cooling unit inside of a refrigerator might be toward the back of the group. Try not to let this panel get blocked or covered, or it might cause your appliance to overheat.

If the front of your fridge dispenses water and ice, be sure to read the manual and find out the procedure to replace the water filter or you might end up having a nasty taste in your mouth. Speaking of an unpleasant taste, using the correct containers for different foods can keep your food tasting fresh and unwanted odors out of the fridge.

The most challenging part of maintaining your refrigerator is pulling it out every six months and vacuuming the back of it. Vacuuming prevents overheating and keeps dust out of critical electrical components.

Dishwasher Tips

Dishwashers break often, but when they’re used correctly, they’ll run for years. All you have to do is make sure that debris doesn’t end up in your dishwasher’s filter. Rinse your dishes and remove any stickers to prevent buildup. Like other washers, only use the correct detergent to prevent wear-and-tear on the machine.


As long as you don’t overuse them, most dryers don’t take much work and only require you to keep it clear of lint.

The most challenging thing to deal with is a dryer that doesn’t vent outside. These dryers vent their moisture into a tank through a component that collects condensation. The tanks need to be emptied once in a while before use.

Additionally, you can wipe down the inside of your dryer to keep it clean.

Cooktops And Ovens

Cooktops and ovens require cleaning to stay in the best condition. Before cleaning them, you should read their provided manuals and find out what it takes to clean them successfully. Different cleaners may vary depending on the materials used on them.

Ceramic cooktops, metal gas cooktops, and electric coils all require different cleaners. Ovens may need to be cleaned manually with an oven cleaner, or, if it has a self-cleaning function, it may require the use of a disinfectant before use.


The biggest tip that we could give you here at Appliance Repair Coquitlam for any product is to read the manual. Every single appliance is different and may require steps that will be outlined by the manufacturer. Between the extra advice and a manual, you should be able to keep your appliances running longer with ease.




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