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GE Oven Repair

GE ovens are a popular choice, and we often provide Coquitlam oven repair services because they can be found in many homes all over Port Coquitlam, Port Moody and even Coquitlam. The professional technicians in our team know the ovens inside and out, and in moments will be able to determine the problem, as well, get your oven working like new before you know it. Also, all this can be done the same day!

KitchenAid Oven Repair

KitchenAid ovens can in a variety of styles including gas and electric, or even built-in or standalone. No matter with KitchenAid oven you have, an expert technician will be able to come to your rescue and repair it no questions asked!

Samsung Oven Repair

Samsung has a unique line of highly sophisticated ovens that can excite any foodie. With its advanced cooking options you will be able like a 5 star chef in your own kitchen. If you ever have a problem with your Samsung oven, don’t hesitate to call our experts!

Whirlpool Oven Repair

Whirlpool ovens seem to be the oven of choice in most homes across Coquitlam. Whirlpool installs lots of features and options onto their ovens, and prices them very competitively. This unique combination makes it an extremely popular choice for people looking to buy a new oven.

Maytag Oven Repair

Maytag ovens are in the same boat as its parent company Whirlpool. We often provide Coquitlam oven repair services to both Whirlpool and Maytag ovens. They come with a few less features; however, they are even more affordable. If you are ever having a problem with your Maytag oven, know that you are in good hands with us!

Thermador Oven Repair

Thermador ovens are considered to be one of the top of the line ovens that do not disappoint. Any consumer with an inner chef inside would dream to have this in their kitchen. With so many controls and options it will light up a smile on any cook’s face.

Viking Oven Repair

Viking manufactures some of the most luxurious ovens on the market. They routinely feature double oven and even triple oven units. Even though they might look complicated from the outside, our repair technicians are well trained to fix even the most sophisticated ovens. Call us today for Coquitlam oven repair services if you own a broken Viking oven.

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Coquitlam Appliance Repairs were really great! They took my call and I was able to get an appointment for later in the same day. The technician was very professional and diagnosed the issue quickly, they booked a followup visit the next day to install the needed part and it was all done! I strongly recommend them to anyone.
John McGraw
Homeowner, Port Coquitlam
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